Back to Politics. Netflix scandal.

Unfortunately I cannot stay away from politics for too long. Writing about politics allows me to scream my opinions about issues that I cannot talk about daily at work. Working with people on a daily basis is amazing. I love the constant interaction and the ability to help people each day, but the downfall is that I have to censor all of my political views, therefore it is inappropriate to divulge personal political views at work with few exceptions of course.

I recently came across a movement of people deleting their Netflix accounts due to a new series that they are creating based on a movie.  People are boycotting a movie spin off show called Dear White People.  People are boycotting the show on the assumption that the show promotes racism and has an anti-white agenda.  There are currently 178 thousand dislikes on the trailer, and the 2014 film is currently streaming on Hulu. Now of course, I am a huge supporter of protest and old fashion boycotting to make a statement over injustice,but I wanted to find out about the show/movie and do a little bit of my own research.

“Dear White People” released in 2014 is a satirical comedy-drama film focusing on escalating racial tensions at a prestigious Ivy league college from the perspective of several African American students. Dear white people is a conversation about race relations. Many white Americans watched the trailer, and felt that it is race baiting. A narrative with a liberal agenda. Let’s actually talk about the show, and reality that is faced within society.  This movie and soon to be show is a comedy that through satire highlights the struggle of many African Americans and biracial individuals that enter into the world of academia after high school.  Not to place every person of one race or background under the same stereotype or “box”, but how is highlighting the college experience from an African American going to a traditional college automatically an anti-white agenda.  There are plenty of shows and movies that highlight traditionally black college and the various activities within the school (Stomp the Yard and Drumline to name a few). Traditional college with crazy parties, horrible Greek life, focus on rape culture, and binge drinking (Neighbors, Neighbors 2, and Greek to name a few ).  These shows highlight both black and white college students in a certain light, but each do not have the interaction between the two or deals specifically between the common interaction faced traditionally on college campuses.

So lets be frank. Yes the show does highlight white people in a negative light based on what we have experienced as black people. Yes does it stereotype white people as one group of people with similar views, similar notions, similar stances on another group of people.  Do I agree with placing all white people in a box. Well no. I think that perpetuating stereotypes only helps divide people rather than bring them together overall, but it does not validate this show as white baiting or anti-white agenda.  The reality is that within American society there are already certain stereotypes that are ingrained within us due to (wait for this one) movies that have already reinforced these stereotypes. People within the film industry only have a limited amount of seconds to get across a minor characters’ personality and a basic inclination of who they are.  This means that the film industry prey upon stereotypes that are already ingrained within society.

My issue lies in the fact that people are upset about what one show is doing to “whites” in placing stereotypes on them to fit into a certain dynamic for a show, but it was not an important issue when the film industry has placed stereotypes on minorities for decades. Again I am not validating Lions gate’s decision to perpetuate one stereotype, but it is the reality that we all live in. If you are triggered by this show than you should reevaluate the entire industry within our country. Just like liberals, conservatives pick and choose which films and projects to rally against. If you want to protest, protest the whole system! Don’t fall victim to the stereotypes, and realize you cannot escape them. Stop watching all media, stop paying to watch movies, stop streaming videos, and stop watching television.  This may seem a little severe because it is. The alternative is to realize most films perpetuate stereotypes to get a message out there. Its a sad reality, but maybe you could learn about life from a different perspective by watching a new show or simply do not watch the show at all.

So go head and boycott a show that has had a ton of money spent on it already, that is being released within the next few months. Also miss out on 1,000 of hours of new material being released by Netflix this year.  Sometimes you have to pick your battles. If you would prefer to give up Netflix than so be it. I will not condemn anyone for boycotting because it is one of the most underrated forms of protest that has the ability to make a huge impact. Just remember the next time you watch a film and an African American is portrayed as ghetto, uneducated, and loud. When a Hispanics shown as being loud, with a lot of children, and illegal immigrant. Asians as nerdy, traditional, all Chinese, strict parents, and heavy accents. Overweight people as lazy, food crazy, and without motivation.   All these stereotypes are wrong too, and do not call someone a snowflake when they protest in a similar way. Honestly I cannot say I will watch all of Dear White People because every show is not my cup of tea. Well actually I’m not a huge fan of the modern film industry and I usually do not watch too many shows or movies, but all of it is something small to think about. In addition I challenge everyone to research a topic before reacting. You might learn something. I also promise a review on the show once it hits Netflix.

Until next time.




An Open letter to my “Accidental” Little

After reading so many open letters between Bigs and Littles that do not exactly match our relationship, I decided that you needed an open letter that helps define how significant you are in my life. Here is a letter  for you to remember things that you may forget along the way.  So without further or due:

To my dearest little,

We do not have the traditional beginning or there is not a cute story about how we knew that we were a perfect match, but I could not imagine calling  anyone else as my “accidental” little.  I will never be able to say that I had a Pinterest Board dedicated to you before even meeting you for the first time (Although I had one for you afterwards), I cannot say that I spent a week trying to convince you that I was not your Big., or I did not spend a week crafting my heart out for you.

Although we do not have these traditional Big/Little beginning, our relationship blossomed into the perfect Big/Little “love story”. We have confided in each other, supported one another, argue about the stupidest things, spend hours talking about nothing, dancing in a frat house until the next morning, dishing out secrets, laughing uncontrollably, and going on adventures.  No matter where life takes us I want you to remember that as your Big:

I promise that I am always a phone call or a text away.  Regardless if it is a life crisis or to ask advice on an outfit for an interview, you will always get an answer.  I promise to always be your biggest supporter.  I will encourage all those little mistakes that create lasting memories and cheer for you as you begin to take your first steps into adulthood.

I promise to give you wise words when in times of trouble, have a shoulder for you to cry on, and have an open ear for your rant sessions.  I promise to tell you when you are being ridiculous and agree with you when you dislike someone. I promise to allow you to make your own mistakes and be there the next day to talk about those mistakes.  I promise to push you pass your comfort zone, but also protect you when needed.

I promise that you will always have a second home where ever I am in the world, and a friend in me.  Simply I promise to be your Big and to love you eternally.

Love your Big ❤

College Bucket List

As I am finishing up my college career, I have made so many great memories, and have so much to show the world.  My first semester of college, I decided to make a bucket list to finish before I completed college.  Most things are quite simple.  Here is part of my bucket list, and I would encourage any person currently in college or on their way to college to create your own.

  1. Do a keg stand.
  2. Stay up all night with a friend without doing any homework
  3. Join a club or organization that is out of your comfort zone or you only have a slight interest in
  4. Do something reckless
  5. Take something unimportant from every Fraternity or Sorority house
  6. Do something bold and unexpected
  7. Do something crazy to your style/hair
  8. Grab onto any chance to travel
  9. Leave the country
  10. Go to a school hosted event/attend class intoxicated
  11. Drink an alcoholic beverage in an academic building
  12. Dance on a stripper pole
  13. Dance like no one is around in public
  14. Do something you will regret the next day
  15. Attend at least one event from each sport- show some school spirit
  16. Hit on someone that you feel is “out of your league”
  17. successfully day drink
  18. complete a full power hour
  19. Take a shot without gagging
  20. throw up from drinking
  21. Skip a full day of classes and give yourself a day of rest
  22. have a drink thrown at you
  23. Call out a professor and stand your ground on your opinion
  24. have a drink with someone who has instructed your class
  25. protest something you are passionate about
  26. tell someone other than your immediate family member you love them
  27. Ace a final exam
  28. Spend a weekend sober
  29. sleep outside
  30. drink wine and beer like a champ
  31. Make a playlist with all your favorite songs from freshman year through senior
  32. Study on the quad
  33. make a ridiculous bet
  34. steal a traffic sign
  35. Drink around a bonfire
  36. Road trip
  37. win a game of beer pong or flip cup
  38. take a piece of clothing of someone random (your choice to hook up with them or not)
  39. Stay at a bar until it closes
  40. talk to 15 random strangers at a party and actually get to know each person

I have successfully completed most of my bucket list and plan to finish it by the end of my college career.  There are about ten more on my list that I have excluded because they are specific to my college.  The point is to put things on the list that you would only dare to do. Push your limits and step outside of your comfort zone.  I would rather regret embarrassing myself rather than regret not being able to do something I could have done. This is the best time period in your life, create memories and friendships that will last a life time.  Have fun and create your own list of things to complete before you leave your college institution. Don’t live wishing you would have done all of those crazy things, actually go out and do them.

What I Wished I Would have Known My Freshman Year

One of the best decisions that I have made along my journey called life would be attending a small liberal arts college.  When entering college, the best advice I was given was to truly live and to make memories that will last a life time.  So far college has been one of the most life altering times that I have ever experienced.  It has taught me so much about life and becoming an adult, but here are a few things that I wish I would have known before entering college. 

  1. College is really expensive.

This one might be obvious, but there were so many hidden expenses that came as a huge surprise. I wish I had saved my entire high school career instead only my senior year.

  1. Being broke is an essential part of being a college student.

Almost everyone is broke in college. It is the way of life. Living on $25 a month is common among your peers.

  1. It is a time to redefine yourself.

This is a time that you can start to explore those interest that you always wanted to do.  That new hair style, go for it.  You are starting school on an empty slate, you can be whoever you want to become.

  1. Join new clubs

Do not get stuck being that person who stays in their room shut off from the world. There is a club for everything in college. The only way to meet new people and have memories that will last a lifetime is to try new things and join clubs.  If you want to go Greek, than do it. Do not limit yourself. Do whatever you put your mind to it.

  1. Be open-minded

One that note, do not judge anything before you try it for yourself. Do not put down an organization or club before you have tried it.  This is a time for exploration.  The more open you are  to new things, the more you are able to experience.

  1. Take advantage of all the free items offered

Anything that is free is for me, should be your attitude while in college.  You will learn that if you can save a few dollars by getting a free meal than take advantage of it.  Also if the school offers anything free, nine times out of ten you have already paid for it through you tuition.  Take the free stuff.

  1. Do not let whoever you were in high school determine who you are in college.

You may have been at the top of your class in high school, but this does not make you the smartest person in college. You may have been the biggest loser, but this is a time to become a social butterfly.  you may have been someone who got by, but college is time to change this.  Whatever people thought about you throughout your high school no longer applies.  You are truly anyone that you want to be.  Again you have a clean slate; you are who you want to be.

  1. Do not allow people to judge you.

Make decisions because it is what you want to do.  Do not let anyone make you feel inferior for the decisions you make.  If you want to go and party. Do it. If you would rather stay in on weekends and watch Netflix. Do it. Do not let anyone allow persuade you that what you are doing is unacceptable.

  1. Do not judge other people.

On that same note, do not judge others who are different from you.  There are enough judgmental people in the world, and they may be judging you so be the better person and accept the differences in the world.

  1. Surround yourself with people you inspire to be.

In case you are not aware, the two people who you spend the most people with is how the entire world views you.  If you think about that for two seconds, than realize that you are a direct reflection of the people you choose to spend the most time with, so you should try to strive to be the best you can be.

  1. College is not what it seems like in the movies.

You know how you see people being young, wild, and free in the movies.  Well that is really true and it so much more. I am just kidding.  College is not all about the parties and fun times.  There are really good times and parties, but there is also a lot of studying and hard work.  I have never seen a movie be able to portray the amazing experience that college really is.

  1. Try not to procrastinate

I am the queen of procrastinate, but this is one habit that is not suitable in college because there is way too much to do, and you will regret it.

  1. All nighters are bound to happen.

I will not give you an upside to this one.  All nighters suck. There is nothing you can do to avoid it. When it happens embrace it.  Not just do you need to embrace it, but bring tons of caffeine.

  1. Grades are not the Holy Grail.

As long as you learned a ton in the class, and did the best that you could possibly do than that should be the most important aspect.  Also if you approach each class in this manner, you will most likely achieve better grades.

  1. *Warning this one is more for the ladies: Do not major in your MRS.

There is so much more than just being in a relationship. Stop looking for Mr. Right or Mrs. Right (for the guys) and focus on yourself. After you focus on yourself you will find the person that you are meant to be.

  1. Get to know Alum, and attend networking events.

The more people who you connect with the more doors you will be opening for your future.

  1. Do not schedule really early classes if you can help it.

Even if you were a morning person before, this will slightly change in college.  You will stay up late no matter what. It may be for homework purposes or just relaxing with good friends.

  1. Time management is the key to success in college.

Most people hear about college consisting of three things sleep, good grades, and a social life.  They also say that you can only fit two of these three things within the time that you have.  This is both true and false.  College actually consists have a hundred different things and if you are amazing and dedicated sleep is most likely the last thing on the priority list until you become so stressed out that you break down and decide to sleep and avoiding all twenty thousand other things that you need down.   Honesty a good night sleep for me consists of approximately three to four hours a night and a half hour nap throughout the day.

  1. Napping is your best friend.

Embrace the nap time.  You will wake up in the morning planning a good time to take a nap.  Your life begins to rotate around these heavenly moments called naps.

  1. Create a bucket list.

Try to accomplish some things that will last a life time because this may be the last time that you have a large amount of free time.

21. College food will destroy your stomach.

Until you adjust to the food, your stomach will rebel against you for the first few weeks.  You will enjoy home cooked meals after about a month of gross processed food.

22. Homesickness

You miss home terribly your first few weeks, and when you are home you will miss you second home at college.  It is a vicious cycle.

College can be one of the best times in your life, if you want it to be.  You can only get out what you are willing to put into it.   Memories are not made by staying to yourself, but rather breaking out of your shell and constantly pushing the limits.  These are just a few things that I wish I knew my freshman year.  Now I think I am going to get back to enjoying my last few semesters of college. 

Why Model UN is the Ultimate Club to Join in College

Becoming a Model UN nerd was most likely the second best decision that I have made in college. As ludicrous as it may seem, it has really impacted my life more than most people would imagine. There is so much room for growth and understanding that you cannot gain through other groups and organization. Here are just a few reasons that everyone should try Model UN regardless of you major.

1. Public speaking becomes your best friend.

Some of the quietest people I have ever met are in the club and are some the most eloquent speakers that you would ever meet. One learn how to give an educated and through speech in front of hundreds of strangers that you will spend only a few days with. You speak about the most mundane items such increasing speaking times and how many questions people should ask you. It allows one to gain confidence in speaking in front an educated group of peers. This is a skill that will extend into many aspects of the future. It is a lesson that anyone entering the work force should be able to do. Gaining the confidence to speak without stuttering and nervous ticks is one of the amazing advantages of joining model un.

2. Becoming worldly.

Model UN students and club members are able to step outside of their shoes of being an American citizen and embrace a new history and culture that is not always familiar to your life. Within varies conferences, I have been able to represent the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Russia. All of these countries have different perspectives and policies on many issues that are available within the work of the United Nations. By representing these countries, one is able to learn about the culture and the areas that they need to improve. It allows one to understand the culture and the struggles, and recognize the importance of small growths and improvements in developing countries. It allows one to see the problems faced globally, and the issues that is affecting the world today.

3. Meeting amazing people at conferences

Since I have started participating in Model UN, I have attended four big conferences. Each conference I was able to meet people from all across the United States. These people have become friends and connections that span globally. These people become some of the people that you may work with in the future. It is expanding your network, and opening doors you have not arrived at yet. It is probably one of the perks of conference. Not only do you meet these people, most have common interest and majors.

4. Experience dressing in Business attire

At the beginning of my experience as a Model UNer, the worst part was the dress code for conference. Most conference requires western business attire. This usually includes a professional look and the need for a lot of black, gray, and navy. The silver lining of the situation is that it is practice for the real world, and the expectation of most modern employers. They expect you to have class and dress well for any occasion. Although it is not the greatest waking up an hour and half earlier to make sure that your clothes have no wrinkles and you look the part, one is able to know the feeling of being in business attire for more than eight hours. Now as I am about to experience my last couple of conferences, I have come to enjoy dressing the part and have incorporated many of the items into my daily wardrobe such as my blazer and pencil skirt.

5. Learn to properly Research

Research is one of the most valuable lessons that can be taught during the experience. Finding out other nations foreign policy is not always a simply task. It is analyzing speeches, actions taken about the countries, treaty agreements, and press releases. Sometimes in a different language. Researching can be rather difficult especially when a country does not have much on the topic. There is finding concrete information and there is trying to figure out an appropriate position based on the research that you have found.

6. Writing ability maximized

The entire conference has two main components or skills that used throughout the entire time, speaking and writing. There is so much writing involved within the conference. From position papers, to resolutions, and even reports, there is no escaping at least some writing during the process. It shows a new form of writing that is not common within the academic setting. It is creative and unique but also straight to the point. It includes things minimizing an entire foreign policy to fit on one sheet of paper, resolutions with perambulatory clauses and operative clauses, and reports that are similar to those made in a business setting. Needless to say, you either learn to write or adapt to a new writing style.

7. Model UN family

One of my favorite aspects of the whole experience would be your fellow students becoming your family. We all travel together, share beds, and create memories that will last a lifetime. These people will always have those inside jokes that no one will understand, and a connection that can never be described. In the process of fixing the problems that face the world you are bonding, making inside jokes, living life to the fullest with people that may not have been your best friend before the conference. We all become one dysfunctional family that has contains the serious one, the inappropriate one, the know-it all, the person who stays in character, the social butterfly, the resident alcoholic, the comedian, the “leader”, the outspoken one, the newbie, and so many more personalities. As you get back to campus, you realize that you have friends outside of the your “usual” group, and people that you created some of the greatest college memories with, the memories and stories that you will talk about for years to come.

8. Traveling

The aspect of traveling to big cities across the world is another highlight of the conference. Traveling from Toronto, New York, Chicago, among many other cities is another great perk of being a part of the club. You are able to explore cities in a way that you will never be able to again. Eat amazing food. During one conference there was a major protest within the city only a block away from the hotel that we were staying at. We were able to be a part of history and experience what the real world is really like.

Being a Model UN nerd has changed my college experience in so many ways. It has opened up so many opportunities that range from meeting new people, seeing new places, and experiencing life around the country. It has helped decide and change my path in the future and learn so many new skills that will carry with me into the real world. Model UN may not be for everyone, but it is worth given a try. It will be an unforgettable experience that will be discussed in the years to come.