Journey to a Healthier Me

Recently, I started my fitness journey with my younger brother. Most people in my daily life ask what am I doing to lose the weight, and what is the motivation.  Before this year my motivation was always to look good for the summer. To be skinny and rock a two piece in the summer.

This year something has changed. I stopped focusing on my looks and started to focus on my overall health. This is where the change took place for me. I have noticed that each workout and each week, I may not look different in the mirror, but I am indeed getting stronger. I can hold a forearm plank longer. Do a little bit more each workout.  My muscles are growing.

Being able to see my gains without a scale has been the biggest improvement.  The reality happens to be that I have lost weight. In the past, I would be disappointed in my weight loss because it is not the amount I would prefer. Instead of comparing myself to other people, I am constantly comparing myself to who I was yesterday and who I can become tomorrow.

Losing weight and living a healthier life style is hard work and requires dedication, but a positive attitude makes the difference between quitting and picking myself up after binges. So the journey keeps going. Each day is a new battle to be won.  I do not know what tomorrow  will bring, but I know that I will keep striving to be the best me possible!



New Year, New Me!

Over the past year, I took a back seat to writing and social media overall.  With the new year, I decided it is time to make big changes in my life.  I am ready to start a new journey and a new path including returning to social media.

Within the past two months, I have made some major changes in my life. I have changed jobs, I have moved, and recently began my journey on becoming a better healthier me. This journey is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Starting slightly after the new year, I began a fitness journey and new living arrangements that included my younger brother.  Although we bicker and fight about everything, we have been a constant motivation to one another. Over the next few days and months you will hear more about my journey, and random adventures that My younger brother and I embark on.

Please enjoy a few laughs on the way, and enjoy our videos!




Hair Advice to Tame a Curly Mess.

Within my short time on this earth, I have learned so much about my hair especially naturally curly hair.  Because it has take me my entire existence to finally embrace my natural curls and to be able to wear them with pride I decided to share some tips to others that I wish I knew like five years ago.

One of the most important tips that I acquired from a hair dresser that I went to was how often to wash my hair.  My natural curly hair is prone to become frizzy and out of control easily.  The best tip to retain moisture within your hair and sculpt is for natural curls are to only wash your hair once a week.  I was accustomed to washing my hair every day to every other day.  This truly is a life savior.  This does not mean you cannot wet your hair every day.  I wet and condition my hair daily but only wash my hair once and at the most twice a week depending on the amount of products used.  Since switching to this method my hair grows so fast and my hair is not longer dry and brittle.

Many people swear by certain products.  My advice is that there is no perfect product or groups of products.  I switched products often and most products work decently within my hair.  I range between curl creams, mousse, lotions, oils, hair pudding, treatments, and leave-in conditioners.  Honestly most things work for me.  It all depends on the time of year and what type of day I am going to have.  It depends on the humidity, outdoor or indoor, sweating or not sweating.  My best advice is to experiment and find what works best.  Personally I go for more natural products.  I use many olive oil based products that are more organic.  Usually I prefer to put a dime size of organic olive oil mixed with a lotion or curl cream that is natural.  I am just obsessed with olive oil and argon oils.  Just caution to not use a lot at all.  Small bottles of oils last me over a year usually.  I throw them out and get new ones all the time.

The only time a brush or comb should ever touch your hair is during showering.  After you shower try to illuminate using a brush or comb.   I sometimes still use these them outside of the shower, but try to limit their usage.  I only use it if I am placing my hair in a style or placing it up for the day.

Form your curls around your finger or brush or other implement to gain the desire shape you want.  Believe me if you have natural curls it will stay that way.  I make my teeny tiny curls just slight bigger by twirling a few curls together.

This is some basic advice for those who are frustrated with their natural curly hair.  These are tips I wish I would have known years ago.  There are most likely other things that I have forgotten so I may update at a later time. The most important advice I can give is to embrace your natural hair because it will make life so much easier.

Natural Curly Hair: The Struggle.

Growing up within an interracial household has impacted my life on so many levels (Which I will explain further in the future), but one struggle has been accepting my natural curly hair.  I am the middle child.  This leaves me with an older half-sister which is white with perfectly tame straight hair, and a younger brother who keeps his hair in a bald fade.  So I had no one to compare my crazy curly hair to.  Growing up, I hated my hair.  It was a fro or styled by my mother in pigtails and braids.  As I got older, the hatred for my natural hair grew.  I got my first relaxer at 11 or 12 and straightened my hair daily after.  At the age of fifteen, I decided to go somewhat natural.  I decided to no longer use relaxers, but I still straightened my hair on daily basis.

As I have grown older and towards my senior year in high school and especially through college I have embraced my untamed tight curls.  From day to day my hair changes from straight to curly. i have rocked way too many styles to count.  I still have a love/hate relationships with my natural curly hair, but here are some of the struggles of naturally curly hair (In my case mixed curly hair).

1. Your hair will never look the same twice.

Even if you use the same products and the same technique, it will never look the same way that it did the first time you styled it. it is truly a mystery on the way it will turn out.

2. When you go from straight to curly, people will always ask if you recently cut your hair.

I used to be really polite and explain that I have naturally curly hair and that my hair is long but my curls make it look shoulder length. Now i simply look at me people and say with great sarcasm “No I washed my hair so the curls came back”

3. Even worse is when you actually get a hair cut and no one notices.

There have been plenty of times that i have gotten a completely different style at the salon and no one notices at all.  It slightly sucks.

4. People ask If you just got a perm.

Does it look like I would stylistically do this to my hair? Do people really waste money to do this to their hair?  I mean to each their own, but the answer will  always be No. This my natural hair.

5. Never being able to truly brush you hair.

You keep brushed ten miles away from you head at all times.  Using a comb becomes you best friend. Oh and comb it while in the shower or it is freshly out of the shower if you want to have a decent hair day.

6. You will never be able to wake up and just go out the door.

I have never been able to wake up after sleeping more than an hour with my hair looking even somewhat decent.  It takes at least five minutes to un-flatten the side you were laying on, or fixing the birds nest that has formed.  One of many reasons I become jealous of naturally tame hair.


You leave the house with long curly hair and on your return you hair has shrank in size, but grown in width

8. Constantly being asked how you get your curls so tight.

UHMMM…can you ask mother nature. I really did not ask for this death wish.

9. You mortal enemy is the humidity

People hate when the turn on the news and see a high chance of rain, but I want to spring a tear when the announce the humidity levels for the day.

10. Running out of condition, but never buying shampoo

I think I buy shampoo once every other month, but I buy a bottle of condition every week to every other week.  I think they should adjust the size of bottles for curly hair products. 5 ounces of shampoo and 35 ounces of conditioner.  Maybe I will finish them at the same time.

11. Finding that lost bobby pin you hair about two weeks later.

Two weeks after doing your hair in an up-do and you feel something stabbing you.  That is that last bobby pin you thought feel out.  it was just temporarily lost in the abyss.  Needle in a haystack complex.

12. People Always seem to want to touch and play with your hair

Overall I love my natural hair.  Unfortunately it comes with a bundle of struggle, but I do not think that I would ever change it.  After years of struggling to manage it, I have gotten to a point where I can leave me hair in it’s natural state or style it in tons of different ways.

If you need any tips or questions on naturally curly, Leave a comment.